Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ben Whishaw confirmed to play Q in New Bond Film: Skyfall

Ben Whishaw Q - Skyfall

Christopher Nolan: What is wrong with his films?

Christopher Nolan: What is wrong with his films?

Of course by asking this question, I am assuming his films lack a certain element which has made me think there is an issue with them. Take Inception for example:

1. The concept of being able to enter people's subconsious when they are asleep is a very good idea, but the film fails to state how a dream can be shared by more than one person. If we take the view a dream often reflects the inner most thoughts of people and the concerns of people; eg trouble over debt or family issues or the dreams and aspirations of people; how can someone who is not directly linked to that person and has not experienced the same events have the same dream. Nowhere in the film are they neurologically connected. I hope that kind of makes sense...

2. The idea of layering dreams upon dreams, how is that possible? How could someone dream they are dreaming or to make it more complex: how can someone dream they are dreaming and dream they are dreaming. (three levels of dreaming). Also why doesn't Satio (I hope that's how you spell it, Ken Watanabe's character) think its a bit odd at the beginning of the film that there is a riot going on outside his window, even though he believes he is awake, but is in fact dreaming.

3. And finally why does the final dream stage take place in a mountain hideaway, where Pete Potswaithe's (R.I.P) character is on his death bed? Why a snow topped mountain and not the hostipal room where he is actual lying in reality.

Some issues with the Batman Films now...

1. In Batman Begins Scarecrow rides off at the end when Katie Holmes zaps him with her Taser Gun; whilst in the Dark Knight, Scarecrow is seen in good health and apparently no longer a threat; as Batman leaves him in a multi-story car park to just walk off. Scarecrow's appearance in the Dark Knight is both randomn and pointless.

2. How long is the cable on the Batclaw? Batman fires it at the Joker's legs to save him after he has dropped about 20 foot (good shot!). And in Batman Begins he uses it to hoist Flass up to the roof of a building and drop him; however the character is a big guy, probably weighing 220 pounds; yet the cable does not snap or get any shorter, even though their is a lot of tension and vertical velocity acting on it?

3. Finally my biggest gripe with the Dark Knight is the ending; why does Batman simply leave the Joker hanging on his batclaw? Surely a more satisfying ending would of been the Joker falling to his death (hence showing Batman's darker side) or he could of been handed over to Gordon, where he could of said something like, I will be back to make a Killing Joke (reference to the comic books).

Two issues with The Prestige -

1. A machine that clones people???? And then all the clones are killed and gotten rid of? Which begs the question how many clones did Bowie kill, if we use the hats as a estimate and what did he do with the bodies?

2. The narrative style seemingly is designed to simply confuse the view and cover up any issues in the plot with are never fully explained; like how are the lighbulb lit 20 miles away from the home of Mr Bowie??

No issues with Insomnia

An issue with Memento -

1. The cop, Teddy, is perfectly ok that Sammy is killing people who he believes killed his wife. Also he actually helps him, because he sets up the meeting in the film. Also the film ends (or starts) with Teddy being killed, therefore how will Sammy ever be able to solve the riddle of John G without his help?

So in conclusion, Christopher Nolan's films are visually impressive. There is no doubt he knows how to direct, but the scripts of the films sometimes aren't that well thought out; in my opinion the dialogue of some of the characters, especially in the Dark Knight and Inception is so convoluted, its to disguise the plot issues. So Mr Nolan, please continue directing films (he's only 41 so he has plenty of years left to make films), but for the love of God give the writing duties to someone else, not your brother or yourself. Thats why in my opinion Insomnia is the best written and directed film because Nolan only focused on the direction. Thank you for reading.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Good day to you,

I thought I would quickly explain why this blog has been created. I have decided to write articles and reviews on the films which I have seen recently. The films don't tend to be brand new (only yesterday, I enjoyed A Breakfast at Tiffany's) and the point of this blog is to simply express my love of cinema. I hope to chat with many other film viewers and hope to broaden my viewing by watching any films suggested by potential readers of this blog. I hope to post pictures and videos of new upcoming releases, as well as iconic images from cinema's history. Thank you for reading and I hope you will join me in an journey into cinema.